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Can I Afford A Lawyer?

Yes! In fact, you should seek out legal counsel to navigate the Social Security disability process. At the administrative level, we work on a contingency fee basis. That means that if we do not win your case, you will not pay us a fee. If we do win your case, Social Security will usually pay us out of your past due benefits and we will bill you for the costs associated with winning your case, such as the cost of obtaining your medical records.

At the federal court level, most of our clients will qualify to have their filing fees waived by the court. Some clients with the means to pay will be asked to pay the small filing fee upfront. However, this fee will be refunded by the court in the event that your case is won. Any attorney fee will be paid by the government or will be awarded by the court to be paid out of your past due benefits.

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Social Security Disability Attorneys

At Arrowood & Hall, your case is our priority. Our attorneys are committed to excellence, and have successfully represented Social Security Disability applicants throughout the state of North Carolina. Please contact us for a free case review today.



Our Attorneys Are Board Certified Social Security Disability Law Specialists

With a combined seventeen years of experience, our attorneys handle cases at all stages of review. We will be with you from the first application through your administrative hearing. We also handle appeals from hearing denials and regularly argue Social Security Disability appeals in federal court.

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